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External Course Offerings

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3 Levels of Courses for Different Audiences

The Stanford Center for Carbon Storage offers courses on carbon capture and storage (CCS) to the public, targeted for 3 different audiences:

Level 1: Target audience - Policy Makers

This 4-day immersive course touches on all elements of CCS with a deeper focus on CO2 storage. Lectures and experiential sessions are designed so that participants can better understand the underlying physical processes and be netter prepared to develop regulations to ensure successful CCS projects. Click here for class syllabus

Level 2: Target audience - Mid-level CCS program managers, financial investors in CCS projects, and CCS project implementors

This 5-day course covers many elements of the level 1 course including additional emphases on carbon capture technologies, conversion and utilization technologies, and monitoring & verification to confirm sequestration permanence. This course includes more group discussion but does not include hands on experience with tools for simulation and risk management. Please contact for a detailed syllabus. 

Level 3: Target audience - Geoscience and engineering practitioners that will be developing CCS projects

This intensive course covers all aspects of CCS at the level of a typical graduate, 1 semester course. Experiential sessions will be offered so that students can get hands on experience using some of the latest tools for simulation and risk assess. Please contact for a detailed syllabus.

These courses can also be taken in sequence if desired. 
Bespoke courses can also be developed upon request. 


  • $150,000 (flat rate) for the first 10 students
  • $15,000 per student thereafter 
  • Payment due upon contract signing
  • Virtual, in-person, and hybrid options available