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SCCS Speaker Series: Keith Pronske (CEO) Clean Energy Systems

Clean Energy Systems has developed  game-changing technology that is revolutionizing the power industry by eliminating the traditional exhaust stack and making zero-emission power a reality.  On November 19, 2019 Keith Pronske (CEO) gave a lecture entitled “Carbon-Negative Energy and Renewable Hydrogen Projects:  An Opportunity for California.”

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Webinar: Oil and Gas in the Era of Decarbonization presented by Dr. Mark Zoback

Dr. Mark Zoback presents a webinar regarding the new abundance of natural gas resources (from both conventional and unconventional sources) and ever-expanding LNG capabilities which will provide opportunities for fuel switching from coal to natural gas around the world.

Dr. Mark Zoback at Energy Symposium

Dr. Mark Zoback speaks at the OU Price College of Business annual Energy Symposium

Dr. Mark Zoback Professor of Geophysics and Director of the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative, Stanford University speaks at the OU Price College of Business annual Energy Symposium.

Sarah Saltzer named SCCS Managing Director

The Stanford Center for Carbon Storage is happy to announce that Sarah Saltzer is joining us as the new Managing Director.

As much as 65 million metric tons of carbon dioxide flow into oil recovery projects each year to help drive crude and profits from aging wells. But most of the CO2 comes from natural reservoirs – not refineries, power plants or other sources contributing to climate change. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Cash, carbon, crude: Stanford study highlights a path and price to coax emissions back into oil reservoirs

A new analysis looks at what it would take for oil companies to start pumping millions of tons of carbon dioxide into their wells to boost crude production – and what it would mean for the climate.

Research scientist Tae Wook Kim, left, and professor Tony Kovscek check the status of an experiment in the CT scanner. (Image credit: L.A. Cicero)

New techniques for removing carbon from the atmosphere

Developing greener ways of extracting the oil and mitigating the resulting greenhouse gases.

Harrison Lisabeth receives 2017 AGU MRP Graduate Research Award

Congratulations to Dr. Harrison Lisabeth on receiving the 2017 AGU MRP Graduate Research Award!  During his Ph.D. research, Harry carried out innovative experiments and obtained results that have important implications in geological CO2 sequestration. This award recognizes Harry for the outstanding contributions achieved. Some of the results from this study can be found in a new publication in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Arun Majumdar and Sally Benson: Transforming the carbon economy

Transforming the carbon economy: U.S. Energy Dept. task force recommends research

Mark Zoback

Mark Zoback receives AGI public service award

Stanford Earth's Mark Zoback received this year's Outstanding contribution to the Public Understanding of the Geosciences award from the American Geosciences Institute (AGI). 

Sally Benson talks energy systems analysis at MIT

Sally Benson believes that energy adaptations will need to take place as the world begins its long-term transition to a decarbonized energy system, and cost consideration would be the deciding factor in determining which kinds of low-carbon technology to develop.