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About SCCS

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Focus Areas

Regional Analysis

  • Development of CO2 & H2 site selection and ranking criteria
  • Assessment of CCS opportunity in California
  • Assessment of CO2 storage issues in soft sediments of the US GOM
  • Assessment of H2 storage criteria and opportunities

Pore to Core Scale Analysis

  • Experimental studies of pore-to-core scale flow and transport of CO2
  • Geochemical reactions between CO2, rocks, fluids and organic matter
  • Laboratory tests of controls on residual trapping
  • Pilot tests of enhanced pore space utilization, trapping, and mobility control
  • Seal integrity analysis

Modeling & Simulation

  • Advanced reservoir engineering including coupled geomechanical and geochemical models
  • Modeling of injection strategies to optimize pore space usage
  • Development of a deep-learning modeling suite for CCS
  • Forward and inverse modeling to identify the optimal location for reservoir pressure sensors for leakage monitoring and plume tracking

Technoeconomics & Policy Analysis

  • Analysis of new technologies (e.g. BECCS and DAC) and effect on CCS expansion and scaleup
  • Capacity expansion models for integrating power generation with CCS into the electrical grid
  • Lifecycle assessment of GHG emissions