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Former Members


Cathy Zhang

M.S. 2016

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Oil Recovery from Bakken by Miscible CO2 Injection

Muhammad Almajid

M.S. 2015

Microvisual Observation of Foam Generation and Coalescence Using Micromodels in the Presence and Absence of Oil

Da Huo

Ph.D. 2015

Measuring Fracture Aperture and Water Saturation Distributions Using Computed Tomography and Its Application to Modeling Geomechanical Impact on Fluid Flow in Fractures

Charles Kang

M.S. 2011; Ph.D. 2015

Optimal Operation of an Integrated Energy Park Including Fossil Fuel Power Generation, CO2 Capture and Wind (M.S.)

Computational Optimization of Design and Variable Operation of CO2-Capture-enabled Coal-Natural Gas Power Plants (Ph.D.)

Christin Strandli

M.S. 2011; Ph.D. 2015

The Utility of Multilevel Pressure Measurements in Monitoring Geologically Stored Carbon Dioxide (M.S.)

Multilevel Pressure Measurements for Monitoring and Prediction of CO2 and Displaced Brine Migration (Ph.D.)

Rustem Zaydullin

M.S. 2011; Ph.D. 2015

Direct Discretization of the Tie-Line Space for Compositional Flow Simulation (M.S.)

Compositional Space Parameterization Methods for Thermal-Compositional Simulation (Ph.D.)

Thomas Aird

M.S. 2014

A Potential Sealant for Controlling Leaks from Carbon Storage Reservoirs

Natalie Johnson

Ph.D. 2014

Mineral Carbonation for Subsurface Carbon Storage : an Experimental Investigation of Olivine ((Mg, Fe)2SiO4) Dissolution and Carbonation

Boxiao Li

M.S. 2011; Ph.D. 2014

Including Fine-Scale Capillary Heterogeneity in Modeling the Flow of CO2 and Brine in Reservoir Cores (M.S.)

Modeling Geological CO2 Sequestration: Translations Across Spatial Scales and Advancements in Nonlinear Newton Solver (Ph.D.)

Dylan Moriarty

M.S. 2014

Rapid Surface Detection of CO2 Leaks from Geologic Sequestration Sites